A Celestial Beauty of Music, An Ayra Starr Special

Is she a Celestial Being indeed?

I’m sure that made you think of a few things but let’s not go into details please. In this context, Celestial is referred to the state of supremely good and yes she is good. Frankly how many her age would step into the competitive industry and break even so quickly? Yes without doubt spring forth from the stables of Mavin added to the spice of her entry but she has proven that given the platform she earned more for herself than just having the powerhouse behind her.

I’m not a Bloody Samaritan but when I heard the tune I felt it was a good introduction to feel what her album, 19 and Dangerous stood for. Despite the fact she can be Lonely with the fame that have become her company it doesn’t mean she is now a Beggie Beggie for love as she doesn’t want anything Toxic to be In Between her career and her person. With a Cast of good company she has she definitely doesn’t want any Snitch as Karma would beyond doubt come for any who crosses her, Amin. But I feel we can all agree she is a Fashion Killer and lives in Bridgertn, right?

Enough of the flows which I’m sure you all enjoyed but who is Ayra Star?

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe (born 14 June 2002), known professionally as Ayra Starr, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and model. Ayra Starr began a fashion career at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management before deciding to pursue music. After covering several songs by popular artists on Instagram, she posted her first original song on her page in December 2019. This brought her to the attention of record executive Don Jazzy, and led to her signing to Mavin Records.

In early 2021, Ayra Starr achieved mainstream recognition with her eponymous debut extended play and its hit track “Away” which spent two consecutive weeks at number four on Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 and went to number 17 on US Billboard Top Triller Global, paving the way for the release of her first full-length studio album, 19 & Dangerous in August 2021. Categorized mainly as Afropop and R&B, the album has been met with favorable critical reception. It spawned two top forty hits in Nigeria. The lead single “Bloody Samaritan” peaked atop the Top 50 chart, becoming the first solo song by a female artist to reach the number-one position. Starr debuted on Pandora Predictions chart, and on 28 August 2021, she ranked number two on Billboard’s Next Big Sound.

On fully discovering, Ayra Star

Skit Maker, Oladipupo Tunde featured Ayra Starr’s Beggie Beggie featuring Ckay on one of his production and listening to the delicious tune kind of made me reflect on who is really Ayra Starr? The melody felt like something from the past with a mix and drop of the present marinated together to give a thrilling compliment of how good she is.

I’m not a Beggie Beggie but I think I would love more of this artistry as it’s seasoned with an inventory of emotions, truths and facts. I want to believe it shouldn’t be bad to be loved back as much as you love your significant other yet I still feel if it isn’t mutual take a right turn as that would save you from an imminent “Breakfast”.

Ayra Starr is yet to show the world all she has got and yes the debut album as done well proving she has got a lot in her but trust me she has much more imbedded in her doubling up for a release. To Ayra, nothing but the best is what I desire you achieve with a matchless prosperous career and less I forget you are an array of beauty, brain and craftsmanship.

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